January 17, 2019
More than anything else, Robert F. Bernstock believes that the ability to embrace change perhaps the most important trait for any business leader. For any company, the ability to always embrace change is easily the best way to make any business more efficient, effective and profitable. He should know; Robert F. Bernstock has been an executive officer and/or director for at least eight different companies, including three who are ensconced in the Fortune 1000. In addition, he spent two years as an executive with the largest government agency in the world, the United States Postal Service. During his time there, he developed and marketed the Priority Mail Flat Rate box with the marketing tagline, “a simpler way to ship.”

Throughout a business career marked by a variety of leadership roles in many companies since 1992, Robert F. Bernstock has gained endorsements for his skills in many business disciplines, including negotiation, leadership, team building, strategic planning, organizational development, innovation, and change management. It is perhaps Robert F. Bernstock’s reputation that has led to his selection to serve on a number of public and private company boards.
July 15, 2018
In order to earn titles like CEO, President and Executive Vice President, one must have mastered a selection of skills. Bob Bernstock has held all of these positions and even served as a board member for some Fortune 1000 companies and the reason he has done so successfully is because of the skills he brings to the job. Bob Bernstock has a reputation for bringing great leadership and strategic planning to the positions he holds. He is also skilled in negotiating, team building, organizational developments and innovation. Even if the task is change management, Bob Bernstock is skilled to help.